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According to what I should choose Linux and Windows in VPS do ?

This will depend on what you do want to use the VPS.
                          For example:
                        1. If you want to simply use the VPS for email purposes, the two platforms are also suitable. Because Linux VPS platforms support POP3 and IMAP Dian Dian SMTP and Webmail services such as e-mail in different systems.


2 if you want to make use of VPS Web Hosting:
                          If you also need Apache web server, PHP and MySQL database, we would recommend that you plan to use Linux. While PHP and MySQL can be scheduled to run Windows, but the performance is better than that in the Linux environment.
                          Furthermore, if you want to use content management system (CMS) such as Joomla, Wordpress or Drupal, Linux VPS plans will most ideal.


3. If you want to take advantage of Microsoft technologies such as ASP and ASP.NET, you should choose Windows VPS plans.
                          If you still do not understand or you are not the above-mentioned requirements, please contact our sales team.

is how you set up the server ?

We will use the original Dell dual-core or quad-core Xeon server, and with 6GB to 8GB of memory and RAID 10 system, the specific configuration can be found on the website.

st web hosting service?

Net sys Limited hire a licensed server for a club the size of Hong Kong suppliers, has many years of professional experience in the industry, specializing in server and storage rental service, extensive business and professional services, including dedicated server virtual server Dian (VPS) Dian Dian cloud server server rental, online disk, and so on.
                        Our professional network engineers will always monitor the system and provide all-day 24 hours 365 days of technical support services, ready for customers to troubleshoot: on the one hand to prevent irregular or illegal activities appear to protect the customer's site data security send and receive e-mail and normal; the other can monitor the speed and stability of the network, in response to customer demand in different countries to make targeted adjustments, ready to give you technical assistance. Easy Net sys a series of safe and reliable equipment to protect customer information and privacy, including daily back-up server data backup system Dian Dian firewall.


Net sys known for aggressive and efficient provision of quality but inexpensive server rental service for the mission. Dian its professional management team and dedicated commitment to customer service, is key to the company's success.


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service coverage in China it ?

Our services no geographical restrictions, including China, Hong Kong Dian Dian Dian Asia, Europe and other countries, is committed to provide you with a stable and fast server services.

offer trial it ?

We can offer a trial for various special cases. However, we generally will provide 14 days money back guarantee to the customer just purchased VPS, so you have sufficient time to test your cloud server

What is the built-in RAID system ?

RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks, referred to as RAID) In ​​simple terms, is two or more identical hard disk as a combination, become a logical magnetic area. Like the case of the mirror principle, the main hard drive to store any information, another hard drive will also be written to the same information. When the main hard disk encounters physical damage on another hard disk will automatically replace the work of the main hard drive. The program for the server's hard drive to buy "insurance", even if the hard drive can not be expected to occur in the physical damage, the server is still able to operate normally. At the same time, this technology also allows technicians have more time to repair the primary hard drive, completely avoiding the hard disk damage and loss of the normal operation of the server can not.
                    In fact, RAID have different gradations, such as RAID 1 RAID 5 Dian Dian RAID 10, and so on. Each grade has its own advantages and disadvantages, but as a major goal will be to achieve a balance between the two: increase data reliability and increased input / output performance.

What is Hong Kong's exclusive unlimited traffic bandwidth ?

Net sys has set up a dedicated local bandwidth to independent Dian Dian stable high speed connection straight into the Hong Kong Internet Exchange (HKIX), to ensure that customers high-speed line-rate time Dian Dian security and stability.
                      The server can be provided with an independent Hong Kong dedicated bandwidth, exclusive unlimited traffic, no longer affected by other customers.

What is the server traffic ?
server traffic refers to data transmission entire Dedicated Server total flow, including traffic flow Dian FTP and e-mail traffic.
                      On the site 5MB upload a picture, the two visitors who watched this 5MB each picture once (equal downloaded twice), website traffic flow total of 15MB.
BDrive What are the benefits ?

To protect customer data security, we continue to invest resources in the system and network security, so as to be every bit the customer at ease, here are a few solutions to protect your online security disk.


1 when the downloaded file, EasyHost will be free to customers of all files will have SSL encryption to prevent hackers from stealing information for any unlawful purpose;


2 in order to fully protect your online disk, the system will automatically filter all of your files, if there is a virus file will rename the columns displayed on the file so that you process the file;


3. Server security facilities, with back-up server backup power supply Dian Dian Dian timing information systems disaster recovery backup facilities to ensure customers receive the highest level of security.


each upload file size has no upper limit ?


Every guest can upload files to 500MB capacity BDrive.

Every time there is no upload file size limit ?

Every guest can upload files to 500MB capacity BDrive.

How to receive a fax? ?

Whether you live anywhere, you can receive faxes through your email. All faxes will be converted to TIFF or PDF file format and preview PNG format as an attachment by email to the specified email address.
                        In addition, customers can access the console via fax DFax online, console has 100MB storage space in order to make a backup of your fax. (30KB with a fax, for example, you can store more than 3400 copies of the fax.

What is the monthly download traffic? ?

To protect the user's speed is not too high because of the traffic caused by overloaded service, so there will be time to set a limit on monthly download traffic to online records management system.

After the application service, how long it takes before they can officially use? ?

After receiving customer payments, will today open accounts for customers, the time required for a working day during office hours to set a limit.

MYSQL5 do you support? ?

support, we have adopted a newer server MYSQL5. If you need to go from the current MYSQL4.0 MYSQL5, please contact our customer service department. Note: MYSQL 4.0 and MYSQL5.0 a greater difference, make sure your program is suitable for version 5.0. For more information, please visit the website: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/mysql-5-0-nutshell.html

PHP programs do you offer? ?

You can download some free PHP program through the following URL: http://www.free-php-scripts.net http://www.phpbuilder.com/snippet/ http://phpwizard.net/ http://www.devshed.com/Server_Side/PHP http://www.phpclasses.org/ http://px.sklar.com/ http://zend.com/codex.php http://www.weberdev.com/ http://www.hotscripts.com/PHP/ http://www.phpresourceindex.com/

Can I run a PHP implementation of the program of work on a regular basis (cronjob)? ?

All of our hosting services do not include the implementation of regular (cronjob). If you want this service please contact our customer service department. Upon completion of service settings, you can through the website management system (WCP) to perform work on a regular basis to increase. Note: This service is not available for spamming setting, and work performed by the client can not affect the stability of the wait.

Do you have any data to back up? ?

We offer a RAID1 hard real-time backup and remote server backups daily free.

What is the data flow (Data Traffic)? ?

information flow refers to the server for your website and e-mail on / download data.

Do you have to provide web mail (WebMail) it? ?

All of our web hosting plans have been providing e-mail functionality.

server's memory is better? ?

It depends on the service you choose. If you are using a web hosting service, the more server memory is more favorable, if insufficient memory will reduce the effectiveness of the entire servers; If you are using VPS hosting services, server hosting company provides the body with the more memory, the representatives on this server will create more VPS, and because the server CPU resources are very limited, in a main server to create the more representative of each VPS VPS obtained fewer CPU usage. Example: Suppose a main server with 64GB of memory and each VPS customers each purchase 1GB memory, storage companies will be able to create this main server at least 60 VPS, under the circumstances, each VPS customers only Share sixtieth of CPU usage. If this server to reduce memory 32GB, but only registered 30 VPS, under the circumstances, each VPS customers will be able to share the CPU utilization is very one-third, compared with the absolute 64GB storage on server efficiency . Thus, for VPS customers, with the main server, the more memory, the more unfavorable. Net Meeting online to ensure that each Dell Xeon server will create more than 20 VPS, in order to protect the customer's VPS will not be shared over and slow down the speed of the CPU usage.

Do you offer around the clock technical support it? ?

We will provide 24-hour technical support service, you can e-mail or via QQ and customer service hotline to ask for help.

You are the middlemen it? ?

not. Net sys have their own data room.

Your Web Hosting hosts can be stored porn site? ?

Our client is strictly forbidden to store any porn site, and any violation of the laws of Hong Kong website content. Or prosecution if they are found, we will be immediately shut the station does not give refunds. If the move made by the police, the judiciary, we will investigate with your website information and log all to the police to deal with. Do not do anything to violate the laws of Hong Kong in our space.

If you later my site popularity rising, the flow too much, you can upgrade to another web hosting hosting plan it? ?

Our client is strictly forbidden to store any porn site, and any violation of the laws of Hong Kong website content. Or prosecution if they are found, we will be immediately shut the station does not give refunds. If the move made by the police, the judiciary, we will investigate with your website information and log all to the police to deal with. Do not do anything to violate the laws of Hong Kong in our space.